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Do you want to expand your influence and become a leader in your MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business? Of course you do! There are many benefits to doing so - you can have better relationships, you can make more money, and you can make a difference in the lives of others.

When you apply the following principles to your life you will see yourself become a better and more highly skilled person, and that will cause you to see your influence in your network marketing business grow exponentially. So let's take a look at these three basic principles of influence:

1) Character does indeed count. I always find it interesting when there is a discussion on whether or not character matters in leadership. Of course it does! You simply cannot become a person of long-term influence if you lack good character. Of course, the obvious questions are "What is character?", "What does it consist of?", "What are people looking for in character?".

Character is an issue of trust. People want to be able to trust you. They need to know that what you say is true. They need to know that when you say you will do something, you will. What makes people trust others? Honesty. Do you tell the truth? Always? If you do, you will greatly enhance your ability to influence. People will listen when you speak. They will know that what they hear is what they get.

Honesty is being the same personally and professionally. You don't act one way in one situation and another way in a different situation. When people see you tell a "little white lie" in one situation, it is only natural that they will wonder if you are eventually going to tell them a "little white lie" as well.

If you want to influence others, first and foremost make sure that you are a person of character and integrity. This is a central issue of influence. Reggie Wayne Colts Jersey

2) To influence, you must also be great at what you do. The last in the class is not usually the influencer, right? Right! Who is usually the influencer? The first in the class. People look up to those who produce the best results. People want to see that those they listen to have already achieved a certain level of success. So if you want to influence, develop a reputation for excellence. By continually sharpening your skills and knowledge, by improving your relationships and your finances, you will more easily position yourself to be an influencer in the lives of others.

3) Influence is based on helping others. One of the most influential quotes in the arena of personal and professional development in the past fifty years has been Zig Ziglar's quote about how you can achieve anything you want in life if you will help many others achieve what they want out of life. It has been so influential because of its innate truth. Robert Mathis Jersey

True influence is about serving and helping others. Do you want to be the "go to" man or woman in your network marketing business? Then be the best helper or servant in the group. Do you want to be connected like no one else? Then be the person whose name comes to mind when people ask themselves, "Who could help me with this?" If your...

Spoken or unspoken

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Spoken or unspoken, the concept of integrity - what is right, what is whole, how we should be in the world - is passed to us from our parents and society. Our parents physically and energetically model this message, sharing verbally and psychically what they feel is appropriate. In many cases, their beliefs and their relationship with integrity have been passed down from their parents unquestioned.

It is the role of parents and teachers to teach us a moral code. Problems arise, however, when we get conflicting messages, when we twist or misunderstand what we were taught, or when we do not stop to examine our agreements and what integrity really means to us. Then things can get messy.

At our core each of us has clarity about what is in our integrity. This knowing is our own inner guidance. Yet we also have years and years of false beliefs built up over this innate knowing. Additionally, we each carry energetic threads from our families: fixed beliefs passed down through generations. These generational energy patterns can build up a heaviness that we carry in our being, even though they have nothing to do with who we are today.

Your inner voice of integrity is always speaking to you. The question is what other voices are also speaking. The voices of drama and fear are seductive and easy to choose over integrity. Sometimes they are so loud we have no idea they are not our integrity. Other times we know they are not true, but we don't have the energy or the willingness to make another choice. Sorting who is speaking can be tricky.

This article presents a method for gaining awareness of these voices, thus uncovering and clearing conflicting beliefs.

Identify the Voices

The first step is to be honest with yourself. When you have conflicting voices and beliefs churning in your head, stop. Clues that you are stuck are confusion, numbness, indecision, and fear. When you feel this way, take a breath and say to yourself, "I am not sure what is in my integrity right now." This pause will create some space. Then do the following exercise, designed to aid you in getting your beliefs up on the table so you can sort them out. Do it around any issue that makes you feel confused or indecisive.

Start by making a list of the thoughts that your mind is churning. Articulate all the voices. Do not be surprised if they are saying conflicting and nonsensical things. Do not edit; write them all down. Notice which ones conflict, and which ones have fear of loss or abandonment attached to them. Any thoughts that run along the lines of, "If I do this then that will happen" are suspect.

Clarify Your Intent

After you write all the voices down sit quietly and ask yourself, "What is my intent for my life right now? What outcome do I want in the long run?" Write this down. Then compare the voices to the outcome you want and see which beliefs are not in alignment and which are. You may also find there are voices helping you to get clarity by asking you to go deeper inside of yourself for answers.

When you are looking over your list from the point of view of your outcome, do not allow yourself to get confused. Stay with one point at a time, and do not think. Move from your heart. Imagine a wise teacher standing by your side, helping you to stay clear.


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Football is one of the

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Football is one of the most popular sports in America. The fan base is enormous, and it stretches through all age groups. Sports fans love to show pride in their favorite teams, and with football it is easy to let the world know what team you follow: you buy an NFL Jersey.

It is easy to see what people love about an NFL jersey; you wear the name of your favorite player, you sport a piece of clothing worn by the professional athletes on the field, it is an easy way to get into the spirit of the game. This makes them one of the most popular items sold in sports stores nationwide. While it might seem like an easy purchase there are still some things to consider.

First of all you have to pick a favorite player. Often when a team signs a big name player the jerseys that bear the name of that player are apt to sell out very quickly as excitement builds for his first game. Sometimes, instead of going for the new guy people will pick out an NFL Jersey with the name of someone who has been performing positively for a couple of years; for example if your team has a great quarterback you are bound to see his name on a high percentage of jerseys in the stadium on game day. LaRon Landry Colts Jersey

While it might seem that most sports fans are men you might have noticed how many women are popping up at football games. As a result more and more sports merchandise is being tailored towards the ladies, with great fanfare. If you are a woman and are looking to buy an NFL jersey, or if you are buying one for the lady in your life, you will be happy to know that jerseys are now being sized to fit the body of a female. In the past women have been seen swimming in jerseys that are made for men, now they can still look cute while sporting their favorite player on the back of their very own NFL Jersey.

So now that we have the grown people fitted we should not forget about the children right? Kids will often grow up liking the same sports team as their parents, and you can nurture their enjoyment with a NFL Jersey of their very own. Whether they are playing in the backyard or watching television with you in the family room they will love wearing the name of their favorite player on their back! Dan Herron Jersey

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